About Us

About Us

Cross Ocean Technologies, Inc. is an experienced IT Services Firm having a combined experience of more than 55 years within its Executive Leadership team on the premise that we will shrink the noticeable gap with expectations and customer service. As a mature player, we deliver quality technology services and fast-track growth for our client companies all over the world. We solve complex business challenges using breakthrough technical innovations.

Our solid track record of 40+ successful SAP Implementations allow us to smoothly manage the software implementation and accelerates all concerned organizational changes to guarantee that our clients reap the business benefits of their ERP implementation to the fullest.

The game-changing IT innovations and services we possess help our customers in the private and public sectors realize new business opportunities, master industry change and stand one step ahead of the pack.


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Mission Statement

Focused on delivering high quality and meaningful technology solutions to help companies and societies flourish

We believe in manpower and its impact on technology. Our roots originate from this notion that people with diverse standpoints could come together to form a different kind of technology firm. A firm that prioritize the people who partners with us. This belief fortifies our vision for tomorrow to pool technology experts who revolve around one goal; helping our clients thrive.

Quality Policy

To provide our clients with the experts who are qualified get the job done in the best possible way and exceed customer’s expectations.


– Collaborative Spirit

Cross Ocean Technologies, Inc. believes in creating strong partnerships. We nurture a collegial environment where individual ideas are respected and fair dialogue is expected.

– Expert Thinking

Cross Ocean Technologies, Inc. brings robust skills and futuristic perspectives to work our customer challenges. We employ proven knowledge and concepts to make recommendations and provide professional counseling to our customers.

– Unrelenting Dedication

Cross Ocean Technologies, Inc. is driven to meet client requirements with determination and grit. We stand firm against serious challenges and do not rest unless the problem is solved.


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